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Mai Thai & Mai Thai 2

Mai Thai in Omaha Ne
Mai Thai 2
Aksarben Village
2279 South 67th Street

Mai Thai 2
Harvey Oaks
14618 West Center Road
Mai Thai first opened its doors for business in May of 2007. Owner Preeda Joynoosaeng saw an opportunity to start a restaurant in the Harvey Oaks Plaza and made his move to buy the location. Now with two locations, Mai Thai offers a completely refined menu of recipes that have been in the family, and as well are original Joynoosaeng creations.

Each entrée is accented with Thai spices and basil, resulting in fresh, healthy, and flavorful fare.

With offerings ranging from the widely popular Pad Thai, to unique dishes such as Chicken in the Mud and Chicken Mango, the variety found at Omaha’s own Mai Thai will satisfy any palate.

Mai Thai in Omaha Ne

Mai Thai in Omaha Ne
Mai Thai