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Omaha Craft Breweries

Brickway Brewery and Distillery in Omaha's Old Market
Brickway Brewery & Distillery

Located in the heart of Omaha’s Old Market District, Brickway Brewery & Distillery taps into Omaha’s rich history by handcrafting beer and spirits that are as tried-and-true as the brick paved streets. Each beer is brewed fresh right on the premises according to strict standards, tested recipes, and years of experience.

Brewmaster Zac Triemert is a local pioneer in the brewing and distilling industry and has been instrumental in bringing not only beer, but also distilled spirits, back to the Old Market with the first combination brewery/distillery since before Prohibition.

1116 Jackson Street

Upstream Brewing Company in Omaha's Shops of Legacy
Upstream Brewing Company

Since opening in 1996, Upstream Brewing Company has become well known for its great food, friendly service, terrific beer and casual upscale atmosphere. The fully stocked bars feature our award winning fresh, handcrafted beers and root beer on tap.

We’re not called Upstream Brewing Company because of our iced tea. Upstream’s award-winning, hand-crafted beers are brewed fresh on-site in a variety of styles - from our hoppy Capitol Pale Ale to our sweet Raspberry Lager. Stop in today and find one to call your favorite.

514 South 11th Street

Zipline Brewing Company Omaha Taproom
Zipline Brewing Company Omaha Taproom

Across the street from TD Ameritrade Park, a block from CHI Center, and embedded between Slowdown and Filmstreams, Zipline’s Omaha Taproom is designed to quench your thirst for action. Pouring fresh pints directly from our iconic shipping container, we promise to keep up with the fast pace of your busy lifestyle.

Also, home to CULTURE LAB: a Wild New World of small-batch brews.

721 North 14th Street

Zipline Beer Lounge
Zipline Beer Lounge boasts oversized lounge chairs, couches, a fireplace, shuffleboard, and a full-service lending library. West Omaha neighbors will be able to enjoy the freshest year-round, seasonal, and small-batch beers Zipline has to offer. Inside the soft interiors, or out on the patio, Beer Lounge is a great environment for a beer, a game, a read, or a chat.

3808 S 203rd Plaza
Omaha, Nebraska 68130

Lazlo's Brewery in Omaha
Lazlo's Brewery & Grill

Lazlo’s Brewery & Grill offers creative comfort food served with a contemporary flair. Earth tone colors and architectural elements feel stylish without stealing the focus from the food and casual atmosphere. The restaurant includes cozy booths, a fireplace, an outdoor patio and a handsome bar with happy hour specials.

Our food is lovingly hand-crafted from scratch with fresh ingredients, and cooked on our custom-grill fueled solely by hickory wood. Our burgers are pure chuck ground freshin our kitchen and our steaks are USDA Choice. We buy only the freshest fish and have it flown in daily. For the best flavors around, our soups are made from scratch and simmer for hours. This attention to detail is what gives our food its bold, signature flavors.

And speaking of signature flavors, Lazlo’s serves handcrafted ales straight from our in-house brewery, Empyrean Brewing Company. Empyrean Brewing Company, founded in 1997, is Nebraska’s largest micro-brewery and was recognized at the prestigious World Beer Cup in Seattle with a silver medal for “Luna Sea ESB.”

2425 South 192nd Avenue

Lucky Bucket Brewing Company in Omaha
Lucky Bucket Brewing Company

Lucky Bucket Brewing is the hops-filled brain baby of three buddies who shared a dream of running a high-quality craft brewery. The founders proudly hold geekery badges in the fields of beer and science, which they use not to blind but to delight beer enthusiasts.

In the days before kegs and bottles, beer enthusiasts would have to cart a bucket to their local brewery, fill it up, and carry it (gently) home. Lucky Bucket Brewing Company pays tribute to brewing history both in its name and its traditional brewing techniques. You can take a tour of their 1,200-square-foot facility or enjoy some of their latest brews in their tasting room.

11941 Centennial Road La Vista

Benson Brewey in Omaha Nebraska
Benson Brewery

Cradled in the heart of Benson on Omaha’s north side – you will find an Omaha brewery known as Benson Brewery. A cozy neighborhood brew-pub, we are welcoming to all who look for friendly company, good conversation, homemade beers and solid drinks.

We believe a bar is what its patrons and community make it, which is why we serve true, locally sourced foods when possible, well-crafted brews, and drinks to please all.

The Benson Brewery is a pub for all times. From its reclaimed wooden flooring, to its warm interiors, modern brewery, and exposed brick walls – Benson Brewery is a place without pretense.  Our food, our drinks, our service and our space are inspired by old and new American traditions.

6059 Maple Street

Infusion Brewing Company in Omaha Nebraska
Infusion Brewing Company

The Infusion Brewing Company is located in the former home of Olson’s Market in the heart of downtown Benson, a historic Northwest Omaha neighborhood.

The north half of the Olson’s Market building was built in 1917.  While the interior has been redeveloped, the building will function much as it did when Charlie Olson operated his butcher shop. The first floor of the building will be renovated into a tap room. The portion of the building where Charlie Olson once greeted his customers will be the same area where patrons taste and purchase beers handcrafted at Infusion.

We have embraced the history of our building and our community. All historic finishes in the building have been restored, including the mosaic floor tile, wood floors, decorative wall tiles, plaster walls, ornamental tin ceiling, concrete floors and exposed masonry.

6115 Maple Street

Farnam House Brewing Company in Omaha Nebraska
Farnam House Brewing Company

Farnam House Brewing Company specializes in well-traveled styles from the premiere beer-producing regions of Europe, including Belgium, France and Germany. While they started with takes on Saison, and continue to produce variations on this legendary style, there are plenty of other specialties they’ll bring to your glass. Their brewers love to experiment with some of the more out-there methods in brewing, including sours, Brettanomyces and mixed styles.

A great brew pub cannot rely on great beer alone. Farnam House Brewing Company’s kitchen is led by executive chef Jeff Collins, bringing locally grown and from-scratch creations to your table. Everything they can make themselves, they do, which leads to a much richer dining experience than your average bar fare. Make sure to check out the “faux”-lafel taco, or come in Saturdays to see what special burger they’ve crafted. 

3562 Farnam Street

Scriptown Brwery in Omaha Nebraska
Scriptown Brewing Company

We're a session-beer driven microbrewery, plain & simple.

Scriptown is a session-beer driven microbrewery. A session beer has a relatively low-alcohol content in comparison with many other craft beer styles, and will usually allow the customer to enjoy several pints they can drink in "session" with friends or family. Our goal is to provide a variety of traditional beers brewed to session-strength. We will offer some higher-alcohol beers on a seasonal basis or as the style brewed precludes it.

The name Scriptown was derived from what was the first subdivision in the history of Omaha, which at the time was located in Nebraska Territory. It was called "Scriptown" because scrip was used as payment, similar to how a company would pay employees when regular money was unavailable. Its original survey placed the location from theMissouri River to North 30th Street, Cuming to Fort Street.

3922 Farnam Street

Thunderhead Brewing Taproom in Omaha Nebraska
Thunderhead Brewing Taproom

Established in 1999. Thunderhead Brewing serves a delicious variety of beer handcrafted by an experienced staff of beer lovers. Pilsners, Porters, Stouts, IPAs, Fruit beers, Honey beers, barrel aged favorites, and even a firkin from time to time. Stop in for an ale and stay for a stone oven pizza. The Thunderhead Taproom in Omaha, NE carries all the craft beers that the original Kearney, NE location has.

Thunderhead has opened a second Omaha taproom in the Old Market at 1037 Jones Street. The Taproom serves beer only. However, you are welcome to bring your own food. We are a kid and pet friendly establishment.

13304 West Center Road

Vis Major Brewing Company in Omaha Nebraska
Vis Major Brewing Company

Vis Major Brewing Co. provides neighbors, friends, and the community the most balanced, inclusive, and altogether best drink experience in Omaha.

We keep art in the art form and honor its heritage—while at the same time providing refreshingly inventive craft beer recipes that deliver new and unique flavors.

The always-inviting tasting room is a perfect place to escape and relax with friends old and new. Order from a diverse menu of year-round, seasonal, and specialty beers—or from a selection from our food and cocktails menu. The offerings, happenings, and atmosphere make it an Omaha destination spot.

3501 Center Street

Pint 9 Brewing Company
Pint 9 Brewing Company

At Pint Nine, we are committed to tradition and innovation. We stand on the tradition of brewers before us to create aroma driven American ales and complex Belgian beers. We appreciate fine German lagers and English session ales, but we also crave the innovation of one-off batches and barrel aging. Our beers are highly fermentable and highly digestible, while being scientifically sound and artfully executed. We hope you enjoy drinking our beers as much as we enjoy brewing them.

10411 Portal Road, Suite 104 La Vista

Kros Strain Brewing Company in La Vista Nebraska
Kros Strain Brewing Company

Like many of the 7000 plus breweries out there today, Kros Strain Brewing (pronounced Cross Strain) was formed by a couple homebrewers that grew to love the hobby enough to ditch their previous college degrees and switch their career paths to the brewing industry.

Brewing's been in their blood since at least 2006. They spent many years as homebrewers perfecting the craft, brewing for friends and family, entering competitions and even winning a few! They decided to go full bore into the beer industry in 2013 when they began brewing for a brewery. It was while learning the ropes as actual brewers that they began to realize they had similar goals and ideas. After some time and much thought, they developed a plan for a packaging brewery in the Omaha area.

10411 Portal Rd #102 La Vista

Monolithic Brewing in Omaha Nebraska
Monolithic Brewing

At Monolithic Brewing, we’re carved from a single shared vision — delivering high-quality, well-crafted beers. As a small-batch brewery, we serve our beers only in our taproom. We don’t distribute, meaning we can afford to push boundaries, to take chances, to fail, and try again.

We offer a variety of flavors and styles from light sessionable beers, to IPAs, Stouts, Hard Seltzers, and everything in between. Driven by intuition and a passion for the artistry of brewing, we won’t quit until we make a beer you love, your sister loves, and your best friend’s persnickety neighbor loves.

We invite you to come and experience the delight, adventure, and fun that is Monolithic Brewing. Cheers to your next pour!

4915 North 120th Street Suite 102

The Jaipur Brewing Company Indian restaurant in Omaha Nebraska
Jaipur Brewing Company
& Restaurant

We are a casual dining restaurant that offers fresh, made from scratch menu items in a relaxed atmosphere featuring signature dishes that are created from high-quality, fresh ingredients.We complement our food by offering a wide selection of wines and liquor that separates us from other restaurants.

For both lunch and dinner, on-site brewed beers which includes Jalapeno Ale, Wheat, India Pale Ale, Raspberry, and Nut Brown Ale is a must. The renowned Jalapeno Ale beer is a locally favorite and is the most requested beer on the brewery’s menu.

Rockbrook Village