Omaha Haunted Houses
Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre in Omaha nebraska
Mystery Manor
Haunted Theater
Built in 1887, Mystery Manor was once a magnificent dwelling, "The meeting place of the elite of Omaha." The happy times ended when the stock market crashed. By the end of the day William Hall, his vast fortune gone, was a broken man…and quite insane!

It has been widely rumored that the ghost of William Hall still wanders these halls every October waiting for strangers to come so that he might resume his terrible vengeance upon any soul who enters his home.

Mystery Manor offers bone chilling behind the scenes tours which feature spectacular and creepy stories about the history and REAL hauntings of the manor.

716 North 18th Street


The Shadow's Edge haunted House in Omaha Nebraska
The Shadow's Edge
Haunted House
The Shadow’s Edge shocks its visitors with high-quality chills, jolts, and disembodied shrieks while providing a seasonal home for the area’s orphaned undead and roaming reanimated.

As you traverse the halls of the cursed abode, expect evil clowns, brain-hungry zombies, and skeletons, bitter after losing their skin in a mishap with pop rocks and an industrial vat of liquid nitrogen. All of The Shadow’s Edge creatures were created with professional special effects, so nearly all of your senses will be bombarded by the house’s fully-realized harbingers of total-body horror.

There are more than 15 rooms in The Shadow’s Edge, connected by a series of labyrinthine hallways. Ideal for fearless pairs of best pals or ghoul families who’ve just moved into the neighborhood and have no one to bond with, The Shadow’s Edge Haunted House injects cherished seasonal scares into the surrounding scare-free community.

3457 South 84th Street

Haunted Hollow Haunted Theme Park in Omaha Nebraska
Haunted Hollow
Haunted Theme Park
Haunted Hollow is an actual 1880's farm house, and along with its history comes years of who knows what. Psychics have toured the house and paranormal research teams have all found evidence with evp and video. It's set on an original Sarpy county farm,with the natural buildings and trees.

Haunted Hollow has more attractions for your admission than any other haunted house in the Omaha area. This year they will have more than twenty things to do. They pride themselves with not just offering the best scares, but also providing many styles of entertainment.

They have a public bonfire burning every night, food, local and national celebrities and the popular Hearse and Creepy car show.

120th & Giles Road La Vista

Scary Acres is Omaha' s Ultimate Haunted Attraction
Scary Acres
Scary Acres is Omaha' s Ultimate Haunted Attraction offering Bonfires every night and Live DJ Friday, Saturday and Sunday Nights.


They have over 20 acres of terror including:
1) A full size “Master’s Castle” with a large outdoor graveyard.
2) The “Dark Forest”, an outdoor path cut along the creek surrounded by trees
3) The “Stalks of Terror Corn Maze” which is completely different from one year to the next and has only one way in and one way out, if you are able to find your way out at all.
“House on the Hill”, a full size house atop the hill surrounded by corn field.

Scary Acres continues to attract repeat visitors each year due to the numerous room changes that are made every single year providing new scares and upgrades. They have a full surveillance system, monitored 24 hours a day and nightly security to continue to keep Scary Acres a safe place to bring your family.

17272 Giles Road


Nightmare on Q is Omaha's new professional haunted house and scream park
On Q Street
Nightmare on Q is Omaha's new professional haunted house and scream
park! That means on top of all the twisted encounters in our haunt, you will also have the thrills of a lifetime as demons scare throughout the park as you hop from ride to ride. This is a true haunted, hectic, and insidious event that will leave anyone's heart pounding!

7003 Q Street in the Fun-Plex Amusement Park



the Ranch of Terror is Omaha's Best Haunted Attraction
        Ranch of  Terror

Why the Ranch of Terror is Omaha's Best Haunted Attraction

  • Truly over 20 years in the Haunted Attraction Industry
  • Actors and Actresses with years of experience
  • Truly the longest Haunted Attraction - over an hour of experiences
  • Nationally recognized and listed attraction
  • Professional make-up and costume
  • Thousands of dollars invested each year in new props and room designs

11001 South 48th Street Papillion